Larson Park


Ari, Jay, Tobie and I got out Sunday for a ride to Larson Park in Sycamore.  We made slow progress with the wind blowing from the north. The guys wanted to ride the trail beneath the power lines parallel to Peace Rd.  Ari, erstwhile guerilla conservationist, has been making the trail accessible for riders.  There seems to be a minor local buzz about snow trails as Tobie euphemistically calls them. The section between Pleasant St. and Greenwood Acres Dr. was slow going because of the precipitation. More mud than snow.  Back on the paved part they decided try the section between Barber Greene Rd. and Peace Rd. I opted out and went to the Bethany Rd and Peace Rd intersection. 20 minutes later Tobie emerged from the growth.

Not Sasquatch

Not Sasquatch

Larson Park is hidden gem at the end of North Cross St. Man-made lake with picnic tables, paved and unpaved trails.


Despite the inclement conditions it was a decent 20 mile trip. Snow became a factor on the return leg but at least the wind was with us.