Ice Like


Good time to get out, run a few errands and check out the local trail conditions. The trail north and west of the Kishwaukee River in Prairie Park still has significant ice coverage.


However by the river the situation improves with debris and a sand berm.

Winter Edition Sand Berm

Winter Edition Sand Berm

This section of trail the itself is remarkably free of ice considering it was covered in water a week ago.


The temperature dropped 2 degrees to 24 during the first hour of the ride. I dropped off the DVDs deciding not to peruse the aisles for another. Why lose all the warmth?  But riding in sub freezing temps is not entirely unenjoyable. I’m actually surprised how my body acclimates to it. Mind you these are not 30 mile rides, just 10 miles to take care of business in town. The ice patches challenge one’s awareness of the road. It’s a whole new set of variables to contend with.