2009 has made it into the “Top five of of the wettest years” and it’s only June 14.

061409 29.77 mile loop

Wind out of the east so a route with a return leg through Sycamore seemed the way to go. 29.7 miles with low traffic. Though Airport Rd. had a steady stream of vehicles. Shortcut artists I suppose but it’s freaking Sunday. Oh yeah Sunday drivers.

0609 013

Glad to see the Sycamore Farmers Market up. I take it as a sign summer has arrived and we can look forward to temps, maybe, rising above 80 degrees.

0609 0060609 007

Found a collection of orphan sculpture (once referred to as public art back in the halcyon days of the NEA)  off Locust St. near 10th St. DeKalb is like that. Ride around long enough in town and you will find these brief respites of incongruity which gives one hope.