Afton Preserve South Loop

Crego Rd Loop

An 18 mile loop with a little gravel for you aficionados out there. Crego Rd. is a quiet country road, easy to forget if you are a local. Decent pavement and only one dog that may or may not run after you.

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Afton Preserve south of Perry Rd. is a great place for a picnic. Ongoing wetland restoration provides a landscape seldom experienced in DeKalb County. Route 23 south, left on Gurler Rd. and then right on Crego Rd.

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Just past Afton Preserve is McGirr Rd. Right turn on 1/2 mile of gravel back to Route 23.

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North on Route 23 back into town. There’s a wide shoulder on Route 23 so traffic is not too much of a concern.

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