Monroe 50 Mile

Monroe Loop

The departure time  of 8:30 AM riding had me in  20 mph gusts. 6:30 am would have been better. Rain, snow, whatever – 20 miles  in and you accept the fact it is not going to change. Then it’s time to enjoy the ride.

Last night the Cross Check Alex wheels went on the Giant OCR. The OCR is an old friend whose relaxed geometry and long chainstays afford a comfortable ride over long distances.

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The wheels formerly resided on the Surly Cross Check which is a great bicycle. Tobie at North Central Cyclery gave me a cool deal,  Even set me up with a Bontrager carbon cantilevered forks which alleviated the toe overlap. He set me up with the Giant too.

CC Back

But I realize it is time we part company. The Cross Check needs a new home. Anyways the ride is northwest of DeKalb. A loop through the towns of Creston, Malta and Monroe.

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Creston home to Headon’s Meats, Rouge Wine Gallery and the first left handed water fountain. I was unable to locate the water fountain.

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Time for a grain elevator pic.

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Grain elevators  the tallest structures to be found out here are usually next to a railroad or a defunct rail line. This country had the greatest rail transport system, envy of the world 80 years ago.  Now dependent on trucks to haul the commodities to market this vast rail system exists only as main arterial corridors. Today the tracks and ties are gone. However the rail beds still exist.

25 or so miles north by northwest on Mulford Rd is Monroe. Mulford Rd. is a decent ride on a Sunday morning. Not too much traffic.

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There is a gas station in Monroe on Route 72 if you need to replenish. On the return trip the tail wind was a welcome change. South on Mulford Rd. left on  Quarry Rd. right on Countyline Rd. left on Baseline Rd.

0609 secondary 125

Right on Esmond Rd. to Old State Rd. All roads quiet until Old State Rd. A lot of traffic for a Sunday so be careful. Then Clare Rd. south back into town.