Corn Fest 2009 – Reaching New Heights

It’s on Corn Fest 2009. This year it is still mercifully located at the airport. I thought of riding there today to check out the local color. And maybe experience the weird amalgamation of old timey polka, 50’s rock, classic rock, southern neck tribute, hair metal and an entity which seems to be an indirect homage to a member of Fleetwood Mac. Well until I read this:

What NOT to Bring to the Festival
The following items are prohibited at DeKalb Corn Fest:

  • Outside Alcoholic beverages
  • Skateboards
  • Roller blades
  • Glass bottles
  • Pets
  • Grills
  • Open flames
  • Firearms

* Bicycles

I guess the placement of bicycles after firearms demonstrates the potential lethality of the two wheeled conveyance in a music festival type environment. Seems like a miss by not allowing bicycles as a means of easing traffic congestion. The airport is nearby – an easy ride for the multitudes I have seen out lately riding around town. Good thing there is shuttle bus to haul ass the couple of miles to the airport. But I digress the real cool event is the Corn Fest Bike Rally on Sunday, August, 23rd. Tobie at North Central Cyclery has been sponsoring this event for years which is always great fun.  Registration begins at 9:00 AM at Lions Park.  The ride will be on the path to Sycamore with events at the end of the ride; Trike Tugs, Burley Time Trial, Water Balloon Gauntlet and more! Yup sounds intense.

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