Great Western Trail

The Great Western Trail parallels Route 64 from Sycamore to St. Charles.  The trail connects to the Prairie Path and Fox River Trails.  It is a great local resource which is overlooked by most locals. The section east of Route 47 has more usage as surburbanites venture westward into the wilds of rural Kane County. The section from the trail head in Sycamore to Route 47 is lightly traveled.  And this is where we rode last evening.


I have been looking forward to riding the 29’ers on the Rat Ride for about a week.  I am finding the single speed experience to be much different than geared – more focus on cadence and pedal stroke to find efficiences.  Derailleurs and multiple cogs are  beginning to seem like a distraction now. Though it will be awhile until I can grind out some serious distance in a single speed set up.  This is the only pic from the ride because the camera chose not to work.  Too bad because four fellow denizens of the night made it for the ride.  Ari, Jay and Evan went to St Charles. I made it 15 miles and Tobie accompanied me on the return leg.  


Surly single speed spacer kit on the XT hub. These wheels will eventually end up on a Rawland Drakkar.

1108 035

1108 030