Swedish Day’s Ride Washout

Swedish Day’s Ride has been around for 41 years. It’s a nice ride with an excellent route all over Kane County.  The forecast said thunderstorms after 1:00 PM. There was a large crowd maybe 350 riders. The ride started out fine partly cloudy, warm with a moderate wind. However the situation quickly changed.

8:12 AM

Seeking Cover

The main part of the storm lasted 45 minutes leaving about a half inch of rain. I resumed with riding only to be soaked by a downpour 15 minutes later.

Moving counter clockwise from bottom right.
Ellithorpe Rd.
Chapman Rd.
Lawrence Rd.
Engel Rd.
Walker Rd.
Allen Rd.
Hampshire Forest Preserve
Ketchum Rd.
Kelley Rd.
Widmayer Rd.
Big Timber Rd. back to Widmayer Rd.then to Allen Rd.
Brier Hill Rd.
Berner Rd.
Romke Rd.
Bahr  Rd.
Tower Rd.
back to Central High School

Berner Rd. meets Romke Rd.

Only road 35 miles out of the intended 62 miles because of an impending second line of storms which never materialized.  Though I did get to experience Kane Co. on roads I haven’t been on in awhile and it has me thinking about a route between Hampshire and DeKalb. Perhaps Hampshire to Woodstock. And then Lake Geneva. Check back later in the week.